Selling Your Home Soon? Here’s How to Boost the Value

Winter can be one of the best times of year to try and sell your home.


Yes, it is true that there is usually less activity in the market compared to spring or summer, but this also means you have less competition to face.

Does your home need a little extra love to stand out, or are you looking to boost it’s value to maximize your return? There are several tips and tricks you can pull out of your sleeve to quickly add value to your home. You can:


  • Add a fresh coat of paint
  • Update your flooring
  • Add lighting
  • Swap out your old furniture for something new
  • Declutter your living space


All of these mini-projects can be accomplished with a short time frame and have a drastic impact on the amount of money you can demand on the open market. Ready to get started? Here’s our top 5 quick fixes to boost the value of your Kelowna home!


1. Fresh Coat of Paint

A couple cans of paint and a few hours of labour can completely transform the feeling of your home. Look for a modern colour that works for a wide range of tastes, such as a slate grey or a beige. Avoid shades that are extremely dark as it will make your home appear smaller and less inviting.


2.  A Change in Flooring

Nothing will send the value of your home down the drain faster than old, dirty carpets. If the main area of your home features weathered flooring, rip it up and lay down some new material such as a laminate. Laminate is inexpensive and looks just as impressive as a fresh layer of hardwood.


3. Add Lighting

Strong lighting can be the difference between a dream showcase home and a dingy dwelling that gets passed up by every buyer that walks through. Natural lighting is the best option of course, but if you don’t have the budget for new windows and skylights, adding electrical lighting can also bring a home to life.

Ensure every room in your home is sufficiently lit, and install dimmers in areas of the home such as bedrooms and dining rooms. Adding lighting can be one of the quickest and cheapest ways to quickly add value to your home.

4. New Furniture

Old furniture screams old home. By updating the furniture in your home, you change the messaging of the living space. A leather couch will make it feel more refined and elegant. A suede couch on the other hand can make your home warmer and more inviting. As a bonus, you can take your new furniture to your new home when it’s sold! Just make sure that this is very clear in the purchase agreement that your real estate agent will draw up.

5. Declutter

Nothing attracts a homebuyer more than free, open space. Long gone are the days where people count the number of rooms in a home- now it is about the “flow” of a home and having an open concept. This can be partially achieved by reducing all the unnecessary clutter and furniture in your home, including trinkets and personal articles. If you have the time and budget, you can also look to remove a wall or a kitchen island to really open up a main living space.    


There you go! 5 quick and easy ways to update your home and add massive value. Are you ready to sell now?


Call me today and I will get you the money you deserve in 2018!


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